Opus Tutorial Private page

Opus Tutorial

The Opus Tutorial is a private website page that gives you tips and suggestions on creating Opus Tiles. It is an overview of the Opus Classes I have taught and Opus Tiles I have tangled on my own. This is a great companion to "The Book of Opus" but all of the photos in the book are also on the tutorial site. If you are a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), you will find some tips and suggestions on how to teach an Opus Class.

The cost to access this online Opus tutorial is $15 and you will have access to it forever. More Opus Tiles will be added to the site as they are created either on my own or taught in classes. 

You get free access to this page if you purchase  "The Book Of Opus" click here for details...

Once you purchase the Tutorial (or "The Book Of Opus"), you will receive an email asking to set up an account with a password. You will then be granted access.  Come back to this page and click here...


Sample of Opus Tutorial

Umble String

Umble String

Umble String


The pattern Umble was drawn as a string along the perimeter and Hollibaugh as a string in the middle. You will be able to view the very cool mosaic.

Octagon Arc

Umble String

Umble String


We drew the string starting from the center and worked our way out. Notice the triangle shapes in the middle creating an octagon. Then arcs surrounding the octagon. Then from the arcs, sections to the edges.

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